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Insurance Rates:

Transportation, exhibition, and all normal usage of the animal is included in each policy.  Loss, directly or indirectly, due to animal(s) giving birth prematurely or otherwise, shall not be included unless insured on a policy written for a period in excess of two months.


Age Limits 3 Months to 7 Years
15 Day Term 1.5% per $100.00
(A 15 day policy may be endorsed "15 day cover to have its
effective starting date at time of actual shipment.")
1 Month Term 2.5% per $100.00
2 Month Term 3.0% per $100.00
3 Month Term 3.5% per $100.00
6 Month Term 4.0% per $100.00
1 Year Term 6.0% per $100.00
Age Exceptions -- Note Added Premium
Calves, 2 weeks to 7 weeks old 4.0% per $100.00
Calves, 7 weeks to 3 months old 2.0% per $100.00
(This is additional premium to be added to period coverage and
considered earned in entirety when written.)
Bulls, 7 years 1.0% per $100.00
Bulls, 8 years 2.0% per $100.00
Cows, 8 years 1.0% per $100.00
Cows, 9 years 2.0% per $100.00


If a minimum of six head are insured the rate is FIVE PERCENT.  No one animal may exceed the total value of others insured.  Full rate:  no deductible involved.


The following insurances are available for the unusual risk.  Contact the Company for rates.

  1. Mortality insurance on animals being exported or imported by air or by sea.

  2. Named peril (limited risk, fire, lightning, windstorm, collision, etc.) excluding death from sickness or disease.

$75 minimum premium per policy

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Jame Secondino
20860 Clinton Rd.  Paris, IL 61944
Phone  - 765-832-2697 - Fax 765-832-9185

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